Who we are!

The founders hail from a family that has been managing schools for over four decades. They have the distinction of managing Gnana Teja English School and Vidya Vaibhav Public School in Bangalore.

What we do!

Springfields Public School will provide a strong foundation for socializing the child into the active school environment. The goal is to provide a truly unique experience for each child enrolled with us.

The school endeavours to meet the aspirations of parents looking for the best educational facilities for their children in close proximity to their homes.

At the pre-school level...

Pre-nursery : 2 Years 10 Months +

  • A child's first exposure to formal schooling is an anxious time for both the child as well as the parent.
  • We have taken extra efforts to provide a warm and cheerful environment that provides security and comfort for your child.
  • We support learning in a play-based, developmentally appropriate environment that integrates a variety of activities in a systematic style throughout the day.

At the primary & high school level...

Class 1 : 5 years 10 months +

  • Students will receive balanced education to facilitate a shared academic experience.
  • Subjects are studied concurrently and students are exposed to the languages as well as the sciences.

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